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Recombinant Tetranucleosomes H3.3

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Tetranucleosomes assembled from full-length recombinant human histones. Histone octambers are assembled into tetranucleosomes by standard methods with an 844 bp DNA comprising four repeats of a strong nucleosome positioning sequence. Each tetranucleosome unit will thus contain 8 copies each of the four histones, plus the 844 bp DNA, for a total MW of 985 kDa.

NOTE:  Each vial contains 50 µg nucleosomal DNA, determined by A260nm.  Given the assembly ratio of 211 bp/nucleosome, the total weight, DNA + protein, is 89.7 µg. 

A 50 ug vial of RBC Recombinant Nucleosomes contains over 75% more product than those from vendors that sell by total weight!

STORAGE: -70°C. Thaw quickly and store on ice before use. The remaining, unused, undiluted portion should be snap frozen, for example in a dry/ice ethanol bath or liquid nitrogen. Minimize freeze/thaws if possible, but very low volume aliquots (<5 µl) or storage of diluted solutions are not recommended. 

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