BromoMELT Assay Kit

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Assay Kit
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Test the selectivity of any compound against a wide range of bromodomains using BromoMELT TM, Reaction Biology's thermal melt stability assay kit for bromodomain targets. The BromoMELTTM kit includes 76 bromodomains in total, representing 53 members of bromodomain family.Thermal shift assays measure the thermal stability of a target protein and the increase in protein melting temperature upon the binding of a ligand to the protein. Protein melting is useful for identifying ligands, buffer conditions, cofactors and drugs affecting protein stability.

• Extensive Coverage of the bromodomain family
• Test selectivity of any compound within a few hours
• All reagents included
• Fast and easy to perform in your lab

Kit Components
  • 10x Protein stock plate, 10 uL of each protein
  • Protein dilution buffer, 2.5x concentrated solution (1.2 ml)
  • Reaction buffer, 5x concentrated solution (1.1 ml)
  • 5000x SYPRO Orange (8 uL)
  • Control compound mix (5 uL)
  • 100% DMSO (10 uL)
  • 1x 384 well qPCR plate
  • 1x Clear seal, large
  • 1x Empty 96 well plate for reaction mix dispensing
  • 96 well dispensing guide
  • Optional pre-test:
  • 5x Pre-test protein (30 uL)
  • 1x Clear seal, small

  • Components required but not supplied
  • Centrifuge with plate compatible baskets
  • Real time PCR/qPCR instrument
  • Multichannel micropipettor
  • 400x Stock(s) of Test Compound in DMSO